Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mines Development Co.

Mehdiabad lead and zinc mines Development Company was established in 2014 with the aim of instauration of Mehdiabad mine which is the largest lead and zinc reserve in the world. And using Mehriz city’s potential, job creation and creating business market. It is hoped that, due to the Zarrin Industry and Mining Group’s Specialty and experiences, which is one of the pioneers of lead and zinc industry in private sector and also with using the experiences of Zarrin group and cooperating with international and local experienced company; could be solved Mehdiabad mine’s basic problem which in addition to low grade zinc oxide, is having lots gangues. Currently, Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc mines Development Company has Factory establishment license for 300,000 tons zinc and lead concentrate, 500,000 tons Granulated silica, 500,000 tons barite powder and 17,000 zinc oxide issued by Yazd industry, mines and trade organization.

Message from head manger

Message from head manger
In the name of Allah
If we want free and proud Iran, we need noble and chivalrous men who have ambition.
Not hard rock mountain and not fiery heat of the desert sun nor any other obstacle, cannot deal with their will, these men with such determination have asked Iranian capital and wealth of the country to promote and costs for Iranian nation.
Lead and zinc concentrate production plant in the land of Yazd and in the vicinity of Mehdi Abad mine, the world's largest store of lead and zinc ,the first and most basic step in that direction.
No doubt the result of the honor and Iranian efforts for every Iranian origin will be blessing.

Hooman Tafazoli
Managing Director of Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mines Development Company

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